Friday, July 13, 2012

Love Poem (Fail #2) - Pyro Dreams

For the longest time
All I ever wanted to do
Was make a break for it
Follow you toward the Exit sign
Out the fire doors
Hand in hand –

But I lost you
Somewhere in the building
Maybe between the 10th and
6th floors – I think

I heard your shoes
Running so fast
And the emergency alarms ringing
Like they were saying
This is a portent
Of our wedding day.

And in that moment,
Gasoline in hand,
I knew our future
Would be bright.

*I'd forgotten I hadn't written a follow-up to the previous Love Poem (Fail #1). I think this may become a weekly poetical spit bag.  I can make a one-poem weekly commitment.  And, because I found this next photo so amusing whilst searching for the perfect photo to accompany this poem, I had to share this one done by techate over at deviantart