Thursday, July 8, 2010

I'm getting more inspired by some of my derby heroes (Go Swede! and Krissy!) to go on a health kick.  I've never been very good at this, but seeing them post about what they're doing is definitely an inspiration.  Unfortunately, summer has arrived here in Seattle as it tends to do the day after July 4th (why is that by the way?  Do the firecrackers literally crack open the sky?)  Anyway - it's hot!!!  I have a Nordic temperament.  Heat + me = lump.  A lump catching up on Season 3 Gossip Girl and getting ready to watch 'Near Dark.'  How have I never seen this?

Today marks a good day: I've finally started writing again.  Something about deciding NOT to go back to school allowed me to feel a lot more free.  :)

Good things about summer though: I finally found popsicle moulds so I've been making grapefruit juice popsicles AND I got a glass ice tea holder thing and I've made a fantastic batch of sun tea!  So there are some good things about the heat.

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