Monday, August 9, 2010


I've had the flu the past week, so my brain isn't fully functional at the moment.  Does anybody else have this when they get sick?  There comes a point when you get really depressed and down about your life - which doesn't help since you're a pseudo-invalid?  Anyone else?  I hope it's not just me.  I also have this happen when I get sick.  For some reason, things I haven't thought about in forever, and I don't even know why I think about them, start to sift to the front of my mind.  They're not particularly anything interesting, for instance, maybe a birthday party when I was little, but it's never a happy memory that comes up.  It's not like oh, birthday party, presents, etc., it's something like the moment when my Dad decided to say something to me that made me feel about as small as I actually was.  So... I guess bad memories!  I dunno.  Being sick sucks.  It does odd things to my head.  It must be the fever cooking it.  Almost fully well however, so getting back on track.  I did have an amazing rant I needed to post but that was the night I also happened to get sick so it's still sitting in my head.  I might post it later, but of course it will have lost some of its energy.

P.S. Vampire Academy is a series written by a local author (Seattle transplant) Richelle Mead that sounds like I might actually like it.  It's being considered for a series of movies also.  Maybe they could get the people who did Harry Potter to do it, then I think it would be pretty cool.  I haven't actually read the series, but I appreciated the premise of it, it sounds pretty cool.

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