Sunday, August 29, 2010


Everybody struggles with procrastination.  For whatever, wherever, reason our procrastination grows, we all procrastinate.  Whether it's because you're afraid that you're going to fall on your face, or that what you're working on will be a total and complete failure that will draw all of the poison and criticism from every corner of the world onto your head and remind you that you should've listened to everyone who said 'Don't quit your day job,' - or maybe, because you're just feeling lazy and would rather watch re-runs of your favorite 80's TV shows then look up in Wikipedia what those people are doing now - the point is, we all procrastinate.

I'm unclear... (no, scratch that, actually I'm kinda clear on why) I've been procrastinating these last couple weeks.   It's not just creatively either.  The dishes need to be done, things need to be put away, other things need to be cleaned and scrubbed, tossed in the trash, etc.  I've only done a little bit of exercise that doesn't involve sitting like a lump while I continue to pay dues at a gym which is only 2 blocks away yet I still can't manage to drag myself in.  Well who cares about that.  More concerning is that all projects have come to a halt.  The source of my lump-ism I believe resides in the fact that I'm just basically down.  To combat this, I've started seeking out things that will make me laugh.  I reconnected with my love of all things Bill Cosby and have downloaded 2 of his CD's onto my MP3 player.  I've never listened to Margaret Cho before, I've just heard her name by reputation.  It so happened that the library has 2 of her CD's on demand through their web site so I've downloaded her "Assassination" and "Revolution" CD's.  I have on hold Ellen DeGeneres.  I'm actually a little disappointed in the selection of the library's comedy CD's so I will likely be buying more of them off Amazon.  Also on the list is Seinfeld.  I'm unfamiliar with more 'current' comedians, so after I've explored these I'll need to start researching newer comedians.

Now, to combat the lump-ism that also applies to the rest of me, I decided to get a trampoline.  A mini rebounder to be exact.  Or, I guess now they're called 'urban rebounder'?  I dunno.  It's so funny to me how plain sounding items from like the 60's and 70's have been remarketed with more complex wording as if that somehow entitles these companies to sell them for astronomic prices.  Maybe they really have been remade with some sort of space age (actually, space age I think is from the 70's - btw, when does the space age happen, are we there yet?) spring form factor.  I got mine off craigslist for $25.  Then I had to look up how to jump on it properly though because I'm obviously from this time period where we can't even figure out how to jump on something without taking a class on it.

I hear tell that rebounding is also part of cleansing processes.  So, the rebounder is back in style to somehow break up the globs of fat that will only go away if you jump them out.  I'm all for it.  Next on my list is hula hooping.  I wish there was an adult blacktop league, where you can go and play 4-square and wall ball and whatever that game was with the ball on the rope you swing around a pole?  Because, as soon as we enter the workforce that's when we start getting fat.  There's no recess.  There should be a nationwide recess, so wherever you are, you get 15 minutes in the morning and afternoon, then 30 minutes around lunch where you can go outside and find people around who are available to do double dutch and hop scotch and red-rover with.  Freeze tag.  Duck duck goose.

P.S. In writing this post I have managed to continue my procrastination process.


Joe said...

Tether ball
I have procrastinated 4 minutes reading this

D. V. Klenak said...

That's what it's called - thank you! And, I'm glad I could contribute to your procrastination. At least I can say I accomplished something.