Monday, January 24, 2011

Dear Special K - I hope you get stampeded by a mob of angry women

What do Special K and Santa have in common?  Apparently they both think it's okay for him to be fat but not women.  And, can you blame them, I mean, look at how closely this woman resembles his chubby jolly self?

I unfortunately saw this commercial twice while working out at the gym (I'm quite thankful I no longer get TV at home), and then had to come home immediately and try to find whose ass at Kellogg's to kick, then post a blog with the commercial along with like: Dear Special K, FU!  But, I found this blog that was able to state things a bit more eloquently than I.  I couldn't find an actual address to contact someone at Kellogg's, so I settled for taking their online survey and telling them it would be nice if they could come into the 21st century and share the shame and guilt as aggressively toward men as they do women when it comes to weight seeing as how there are plenty of overweight men out there who could do with some shaming - let's spread it around!  And when asked why I wasn't able to find the proper nutritional value from their products and what could they do about that, I said, well you could stop using genetically modified foods for one, thanks!

Yours sincerely,
Hot and bothered and looking for your home address

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